Here is How Blockchain is Bringing Gamification to Every Industry
Wed 07 04 2021

As we mentioned in previous articles, gamification techniques help to create content that engages consumers and helps the industry where it is applied to improve its revenues. This technique presents many opportunities to many industries that can apply it to their services and products. Blockchain is a technology that has added lots of value to the industries that have incorporated it already. It allowed transparency and ease of payment that traditional ways of payment did not offer. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. The distributed system of blockchain gives the chance of developing solutions that are efficient and transparent at the lowest costs possible.

Furthermore, gamification and Blockchain techniques can be used together in many industries. The latter is responsible for the gamification techniques and the technicalities of the solutions that are applied in content creation.

Here are the ways through which blockchain is bringing gamification to every industry

1. Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are widely used nowadays by companies, as a means to engage the customers and to maintain their customers for as long as possible. These programs offer rewards that based on a traditional system, are expensive and hard to manage and run. Involving Blockchain helps reduce the costs and improve the outcomes of loyalty programs. Blockchain allows these organizations to offer loyalty rewards to their customers in a way that they will see them as transparent and feel valued. Blockchain offers transparency in all their solutions which makes incorporating them in loyalty programs particularly notable.

The rewards system after Blockchain is taken to the next level with the use of tokens. The application of gamification alongside Blockchain in loyalty programs can enhance customer engagements in many industries. The outcomes are maximized when applying the techniques of gamification and Blockchain at the same time in loyalty programs. The added value here would be flexible, efficient, and transparent loyalty programs that can result in better customer engagement. Applying Blockchain to loyalty programs will bring gamification to every industry.

2. Virtual items

The virtual items market is worth billions of dollars nowadays, based on the usability of the items in the games. Virtual items are essential to maximize and enhance the features of the games. However, there is a limit for the trading of these items that are restricted to the gaming platform. This is because gamers are not permitted to trade items for cryptocurrency. Blockchain and gamification techniques can help in the exchange of these items by providing a secure platform for the exchange. Blockchain solutions will help extend the revenues of a certain industry.

3. Regulations

There are established rules and regulations in the game industry that help guide the use of services and products found in the industry. Blockchain can interfere to improve transparency. Gamification techniques on the other hand can be applied with Blockchain applications to establish proper guidelines and rules.

Finally, the accomplishments of the gaming industry can be prolonged to other industries by incorporating blockchain solutions that are designed to repeat features behind the success of the gaming industry.