Here is how to make time for exercising based on your lifestyle
Thu 03 12 2020

Everyone has their own lifestyle which is filled with tasks and deadlines to be met. Whether you are a young student or a parent with many things to juggle, you might find that your schedule is tight. Therefore, if you are trying hard to give time for your physical health, you might find yourself confused when to squeeze a workout. In this article, we will help you figure out how to make time for exercising based on your lifestyle.

7 facts you did not know about body fat
Sun 29 11 2020

A lot of people think that body fat is the enemy, and they work very hard on reducing theirs to 0%. While this is not always right, there is also a lot of misunderstood information about body fat. For this reason, we decided to bring you 7 facts you should know about it.

What is cryptocurrency?
Thu 05 11 2020

You might have heard of the term cryptocurrency many times and might be a little bit familiar with it. In this article, we will explore in deep the meaning of cryptocurrency.

From Ocean to ocean; here is how activist Sam Bencheghib is spreading awareness against plastic pollution.
Fri 30 08 2019

Throughout the years, plastic have played major roles in our lives especially for being part of almost every item in our household. However, it has also been at the base of the pollution which became the biggest environmental concern today. According to Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society, 18 billions of plastic bags make it to the ocean yearly and only 9% of the global plastic production is being recycled. So can you imagine how much polluting plastic is being produced and thrown into our nature yearly?

These are the benefits of using cryptocurrency as a payment method
Thu 26 11 2020

Cryptocurrencies allow their users to do transactions without a third party (example credit union or banks). It allows more democracy in the economic field and let people do transactions in a secure and free manner. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using cryptocurrency as a payment method.