How can sleep improve your health?
Fri 03 07 2020

Sleep is the power that recharges your body’s energy. While it was not given much attention by scientists in the past, it is now studied extensively. You might have heard many theories and tips about sleep and its importance to your health, like sleeping for 8 hours is essential. So what are the benefits of sleep, and how it can improve your health? The following article has some answers.

1. It keeps your heart healthy

It is shown in scientific experiments, that strokes and heart attacks can be a result of how sleep can interact with your blood vessels. In fact, not sleeping well has been liked with bad cholesterol and blood pressure, which could lead to strokes or heart diseases. For a healthy heart sleep 7 to 9 hours every night.

2. It can prevent cancer

Studies have shown that people who worked late shifts were at a higher exposure of colon or breast cancer, light exposure reduces melatonin which regulates your sleeping cycle and protects you against cancers suppressing the growth of tumors. When you sleep to make sure that your room is dark and keep your electronics out of it, so you can produce enough melatonin.

3. It can reduce stress

If you do not sleep enough, your body becomes more susceptible to feeling stress. The functions of your body become alert, causing blood pressure and the production of stress hormones to rise. This could lead to heart attacks and making it harder for you to sleep.

4. Can reduce inflammation

Lack of sleep can increase your stress hormones, raising the inflammation level in your body. This could lead to heart-related problems, as well as diabetes and cancer. In fact, inflammation can cause your physique to deteriorate during your aging process.

5. It makes you alert

Sleeping well energizes you for the next day, making you feel good. This can make your sleep quality for the upcoming days good as well. Sleeping well makes you wake up feeling refreshed and gives you enough energy to pursue the upcoming day.

6. It improves your memory

Sleep can play a major role in memory consolidation. This process is what makes connections between different day events, feelings, and memories. This happens during the deep sleep phase, where the brain makes links and memories, and where the higher quality of sleep happens.

7. It can help you lose weight

Studies have found that people who sleep less than they should tend to be obese or overweight. This was linked with the impact sleep has on the balancing of hormones that usually affect appetite. Ghrelin and Leptin (the hormones regulating appetite) can be disturbed by the lack of sleep. Sleeping a good amount of hours for a regular period of time has the ability to make you lose weight.

8. Naps can make you smarter

Day naps are effective to energize you and are a great alternative for caffeine. They are good for your overall health and can make you very productive. It has also been proven that naps can lower mental decreases. Keep your naps shorter than one hour.