Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Finish a Long Run
Wed 07 07 2021

Whether you are a runner or not, you might have asked yourself what goes into a person’s mind when running a long distance. Well, many are probably thinking, “I really hope this run ends soon”. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying that, then you are looking for ways to motivate yourself to finish a long run. To help you out here are 5 amazing ways.

1. Think of the right thoughts

It is essential that you motivate yourself during your run, or else you will not make it till the end. While running, you will feel tired and hopeless, wanting to reach the finish line so that you can rest. You could forget all the reasons why you participated in this run from the beginning. Rather than giving up on your negative thoughts, keep reminding yourself why you’ve done this, think of yourself as the champion of this circuit, and even if you don’t finish first or even third, you have made an achievement.

2. Visualize your goals

Just before you start the race, take time to think about how you’d like the race to be. Think of all the details until you feel that you are currently in it. Then, when you are in the middle of the run, you can continue visualizing this—imaging yourself running better than you are performing. Finally, imagine crossing the finish line with your hands up in the air with satisfaction. This will help you achieve your goals better by motivating yourself to continue running and run better until you make it to your final destination.

3. Enjoy the run

Many people take running for granted until something forces them to stay away from it, such as an injury. Imagine yourself with a leg injury and unable to run; what would your thoughts be? Of course, you’d be saying, “I wish I can run.” For this reason, you must enjoy your runs. Enjoying the activity you are doing helps you reach the end and feel satisfied doing it.

4. Celebrate your small achievements so far

You could be far from being the first of this run, but you have achieved some milestones so far. Think of your speed, posture, the distance you’ve achieved so far, the people you’ve passed, and other factors that have you score an achievement. But, of course, achievements do not always mean winning, as most of the time they suggest reaching a new place. So make sure you pat yourself on the back and feel proud about what you have done so far.

5. Acknowledge your efforts and tiredness

Motivating yourself to finish your run also means acknowledging that you’ve made many efforts to reach this point. It also means feeling the pain and tiredness you are experiencing and knowing that it is part of your achievement. Make friends with such feelings rather than allowing them to control you and will enable you to give up or want to give up.