Here is How to Create a Digital Detox Schedule
Tue 06 07 2021

A digital detox is when you take a break from your electronic devices and technologies. It has many benefits for your body and mind, allowing you to be more mindful and spend your time in the right place. However, there is a right and wrong way to start a digital detox. Here is how to create a digital detox schedule.

1. Get inspired and excited

It would help if you created hype for your digital detox, so you are more likely to stick to it. Get inspired by people who have done this and have a successful story to share with you.

2. Set your timer

To create a successful digital detox, it is essential that you set realistic time boundaries for your use of technology and digital devices. Be realistic with your goals. For example, one month away from your email is not doable if you have a job where you need to communicate. However, turning off your phone during night hours will help you sleep better rather than keep you away from important things.

3. Think of the boundaries you need

Think of the reasons why you need a digital detox. What are the online habits or behaviors that are making you feel tired? Start making some changes in your habits and setting limits on how you use social media and technologies.

4. Schedule some quality time

The good thing about a digital detox is that it allows you to spend some quality time with others or yourself. So another good way of planning a digital detox is to schedule quality time with your friends, family members, or yourself. This will be a time with no electronics, internet, or even TV. Can you do that?

5. Get out

Spending time outside is an excellent way to stay away from the digital world. You can plan a picnic with your friends, go to the beach, or go for a walk or jog. Not only will you be active, but it will help you refresh and enjoy the weather and nature. Sunshine can increase vitamin D in your body, help you feel calmer and happier, and improve your focus. Include some breaks in your plan to go out and enjoy yourself. If you need to look for friendly activities to do outdoors, make sure you do so before your detox starts to avoid using screens during it.

6. Read

According to studies, reading is an excellent way to help you improve your focus and help you not be distracted by minor things. Find a good book to get absorbed to avoid having any distractions disturb your readings or redirect your attention away.

7. Change your habits post-detox

Once your detox or time limit is done, make sure that you do not run immediately towards your phone or laptop. Learn something from your detox experience, such as appreciating your time with others, reading more often, or the importance of eye care.

How bad do you need a digital detox?