How to choose your running shoes
Mon 14 09 2020

Running shoes is one of the most important items you would need for a healthy workout and run. Therefore, it would be very important to choose the right pair. The following is a set of characteristics you need to look for in every pair of running shoes.

1. The bottom of the shoes

The bottom of the running shoes is made of rubber that protects you. The rubber of the heel and the toes are the most durable rubber since these are the areas with the highest forces. The thin rubber covers the mid and the forefoot of the pair. This design aims at giving you more cushion and rebound.

2. The tread patterns

The tread patterns change depending on the area of the shoe. On the heel, it would be segmented to allow the shoe to flex. In the midfoot area until the toe, the pattern is more linear to help guide your feet. In the latter part, the tread is smoother to make the run more comfortable.

3. The midsole

The midsole of a good pair of shoes is made of softer materials to give the foot more cushion allowing it to sink in the shoes. Based on research, the hardness of this part affects how your ankle moves.

4. The shank

The shank acts as a medial post. It is in the middle of the shoe to give the consumer more stability. Its aim is to make sure that the shoe bend not in the midfoot, but at the forefront. Pick up your shoe and bend it in half, the right running shoes should bend near the toe due to the shank.

5. The shape

Every brand has its own shape and design for their running shoes. Some of them wider in the front, others are narrow or even curved. Therefore, it would be necessary for you to try different shapes until you find the one that suits you the most.

6. The upper

This part envelops your foot by connecting to the midsole. The heel collar, sock liner, tongue and heel counter are what make this part of the shoe. You will need to find breathable and light materials to keep the weight of the shoe low, and your feet cool.

7. The heel

These parts make sure that your feet do not slip out of the shoe while you run. On the back of your shoe, is a hard heel counter wrapped by soft material. You might find shoes where another heel counter is used on the outside of the shoe for extra grip, but this is usually avoided to keep the shoe lighter.

Another component of the heel part is the heel collar which is a thick material found under the ankles to give lateral support. While cleats and tennis shoes have a lateral design that helps you move in all ways, running shoes have linear stability since runners move only forward or backward. For this reason, running shoes are not too high around the ankle.